Hello and welcome to everyone!

A few useful tips : Firstly, you need to have access to a vehicle to get the most out of our region and really enjoy a truly unforgettable holiday here. The nearest village is four kilometres away. There are so many tourist sites and attractions in Périgord, with caves to explore, castles to visit and various kinds of activities to enjoy together, that having your own car will make your trips and outings a lot easier. If you don't have one, you can rent one in Périgeux or Bergerac (35 kilometres/22 miles from the campsite). Though the weather is usually fine, it can still be rainy some days. You therefore need to remember to pack a waterproof coat in your suitcases! This will allow you to carry on with your holiday activities instead of having to stay inside due to the rain. If you're wondering how to fill your time on these kinds of days, I recommend visiting the caves, where you'll be nicely dry and sheltered : And ladies, don't forget to bring a hairdryer in case you get caught out in an unseasonal shower. You won't find any in the accommodation (though there are some in the toilet and shower blocks). Also remember to bring your own shampoo if you have any particular brands you prefer to use… And as a final point, don't forget to bring some cash with you for your stay at St Avit Loisirs; we don't have a cash machine on site, and the nearest bank is four kilometres away. If you prefer not carrying cash on you, however, we offer an alternative in the form of the Cart'Avit! This gives you a way of buying the things you want and only paying for them at the end of your stay. It also entitles you to special reduced prices at various sites we have partnerships with. All the benefits of cash and more, without the disadvantages!